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Maintaining a healthy heart means that you also need to have arteries going to it that will allow enough blood to flow to it. When arteries and blood vessels become clogged and restrict the amount of blood flowing through them, you have coronary artery disease. In order to get your heart restored to health, you will need to go to a coronary artery disease clinic 11234.

About Coronary Artery Disease

Coronary artery disease (CAD) may also be referred to as coronary heart disease and ischemic heart disease (IHD). The blockage in your arteries and blood vessels is caused by some kind of damage to the walls of the artery. This leads to your immune system repairing it, which can restrict the flow of blood.

Over time, the buildup may continue to narrow the opening in the artery, especially if a piece of the clot breaks off. Eventually, there is either not enough blood flowing through it to supply the amount of oxygen the heart needs, or it may even cut off all blood flowing through it. This will lead to a heart attack or angina.


Getting a correct diagnosis right away is essential to the right kind of treatment. At Dr. Abdul Malik’s coronary artery disease clinic 11234 in Brooklyn, you can get a thorough diagnosis. He has the high-tech equipment needed for it, as well as the expertise to provide you with the diagnosis you need.

His office has the basic equipment for the initial testing – an x-ray machine, electrocardiogram (ECG), an echocardiogram, stress test, and more. He also has the ability to provide nuclear stress testing and ultrasound on your abdominal arteries.

When you have CAD, it is necessary to have treatment quickly in order to save your life. The presence of the disease means the blood flow must be increased or you will suffer a heart attack – which could be fatal. If you have angina, it is often a precursor to a heart attack.

The Treatment

The treatment for CAD will usually start with medications, depending on how bad the blockage is and whether it is detected before or after a heart attack. Treatment will possibly involve putting in a stent, clearing out the artery, or bypass surgery. Some of these treatments may be performed through cardiac catheterization.

Preventing Coronary Artery Disease

Taking deliberate steps to prevent CAD could save your life. It may be even more important if you have a family history of the disease. The lifestyle changes you need to make include those that are for a generally healthy lifestyle, including getting to and maintaining a healthy weight, controlling your blood pressure, sugar levels (if diabetic), high cholesterol, and eating healthy. You also should stop smoking and heavy drinking of alcohol. A regular exercise program of about 30 minutes a day for five days a week should also be added.

Dr. Abdul Malik has been practicing cardiology for more than 24 years. He has also taught many young doctors at several hospitals in the fields of Cardiology and Internal Medicine. In his coronary artery disease clinic 11234, he is known to be friendly and compassionate and takes time to make sure patients thoroughly understand the procedures and options involved.


Coronary Artery Disease Clinic 11234

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