Visit a Doctor in Brooklyn with an On-site Laboratory for Fast Results

One way that doctors can provide faster results from tests given is to have a lab on the premises. This greatly reduces the time needed in sending test materials to a lab somewhere, waiting for them to get around to actually testing the samples, and then having to wait to get them back. Having an on-site laboratory enables you to get much faster results.

Many Tests Needed

In today’s world of medicine, there are many tests that can be given to help diagnose a particular problem. While some labs provide basic services, other ones that are more high-tech can conduct many more tests, enabling a wider range of patients to get their results quickly.

Dr. Malik has two offices in Brooklyn, NY that have a high tech on-site laboratory in them. These labs can provide many tests quickly to help you get an accurate diagnosis.

Tests Available

  • Blood Test

One of the most common tests given today is the blood test. At Dr. Malik’s office, many types of blood tests are available. These include a Complete Blood Count (CBC), Basic Metabolic Panel (BMP), a Comprehensive Metabolic Panel (CMP), a Lipid Panel, and a Liver Panel.

  • Finger-Stick Test

There are a number of tests that use the finger-stick method. This test can be used to test health problems such as: Glucose testing, Mono, Hemoglobin A1C, PT/INR, HIV, and Troponinv.

  • Urine Tests

Urine tests are another staple test used in all doctor’s offices for a variety of medical reasons. Dr. Malik’s office provides standard urinalysis testing – which can test for a variety of components. They also offer pregnancy tests to confirm conception. Businesses can also get drug screen tests for future or present employees. These tests can detect many different types of drugs, enabling the detection of drug abuse and the presence of illegal drugs.

  • Flu and Strep Tests

If you suspect that you have either the flu or strep, you can get tested for it. Knowing what you have, and getting fast results can aid in the healing process, as well as reducing the symptoms. If you have either one of these medical issues, it will also benefit you in knowing that you should not be around other people – helping to prevent it from spreading.

  • TB Tests

Another test that is offered is the standard Tuberculosis Skin Test. Those taking this test need to return to the office to have the results of the test read within 48 to 72 hours.

Getting Results

Depending on the particular test given, it may still take a day or two for the lab to test the samples. Once the doctor receives the results, patients will be notified of them. If required, another appointment will be made to discuss the results and the options. Treatment may also begin at that time.

Dr. Abdul Malik, MD, provides a high-tech on-site laboratory in order to be able to obtain a quick diagnosis of a patient’s health issues. He is a Cardiologist with over 24 years of experience and he is known to take time with patients to help each one understand the issues and best courses of action.