Nuclear Stress Test Doctor 11215

When it has been determined that you may have heart problems, one of the best methods to determine the condition of your heart is to see a nuclear stress test doctor 11215. The nuclear stress test is the best way to learn a lot about the condition of your heart and how well it performs.

Ordering the Test

When a doctor detects that there are some unusual circumstances in your heart, or after you have had a heart attack or stroke, a nuclear stress test may be ordered. The test is given to confirm the presence of problems, such as coronary artery disease, and to understand how far a diseased condition has developed.

How the Test Is Given

After an appointment is set up, the patient goes to the hospital for the test. At that time, an IV is used to inject a small amount of a radioactive substance. After it has circulated, gamma pictures are taken of your heart to see how your blood flows through you heart when it is in a restful state.

In the next stage, you will be hooked up with various electrodes around your heart (on your chest). A blood pressure cuff will also be applied.

You will then be given a second injection of radioactive material. Instead of lying down this time, you will step onto a tread mill and start exercising. A goal is set for you to speed up your heart rate to a certain level, but medications can be used if you do not succeed.

Once that level is achieved, you will again lie down under the gamma camera which will take pictures of how the flow of blood goes through your heart when you are stressed, which means at its peak capacity.

Seeing the Nuclear Stress Test Doctor 11215

After you have successfully completed the test, the results are later sent to the doctor who ordered it. Dr. Malik will study the results and analyze them for you. When ready, the results will be interpreted to you during a consultation. At the same time, a plan of treatment will also be recommended if a problem is detected.

Once the problem is understood, treatment, or preventative steps, can be given. This may result in further testing, prescribing various medications, surgeries, or just making some lifestyle changes. When prevention is desired, lifestyle changes are often all that is needed to reduce the likelihood of some potential heart problems.

Dr. Abdul Malik is a specialist heart doctor in Brooklyn, NY. He has been practicing cardiology for over 24 years and has also helped to train young doctors in the fields of Internal Medicine and Cardiology in various hospitals.

Dr. Malik is a nuclear stress test doctor 11215, and he has two offices in Brooklyn, NY. One office is located in the Kensington area, and the other is in East Flatbush. His patients recognize him for his patience and caring attitude, and you will quickly come to see why it has earned him the title of the Consumer’s Choice Award for Top Doctors.


Nuclear Stress Test Doctor 11215

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