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When you have high cholesterol levels, it means that there is a possible threat to your life. Getting the levels down to where they are supposed to be will likely mean that you will live a longer life. Getting the treatment you need to maintain good cholesterol levels can be done at a cholesterol testing office 11204.

Why Cholesterol Testing Is Needed

Since there are not any symptoms for this health problem, the only way you can tell what your cholesterol levels are is to get it tested. When you have problems with high cholesterol, you will need frequent testing until it is under control

When cholesterol problems are high, there is a strong possibility that some of the excess cholesterol will be building up on the sides of your blood vessels and arteries in some places. This will lead to narrowed blood flow, which can cause a heart attack, an aortic aneurysm, a stroke, or peripheral artery disease.

The Goal of Testing

The testing of your cholesterol levels is for the purpose of determining your level of risk of developing cardiovascular problems. There are three types of fat that are included in the cholesterol test.

  • HDL– this type needs to be higher than the LDL type because it helps reduce the bad kind of cholesterol, which can clog your arteries and blood vessels.
  • LDL– this is the bad type of cholesterol. You want this number to be low because it is the kind that accumulates on the walls of your arteries and can cause a stroke or heart attack.
  • Triglycerides– when you have an excessive amount of calories from eating, the body will store it in fat cells. Later on, when energy is needed, your body will release the sugar. This is the primary type of fat in the human body. Having high levels of triglycerides will increase your risk of diabetes.


When you go to a cholesterol testing office 11204, the staff will simply take a blood test. That is all that is needed to be able to determine your cholesterol levels. Once your levels are revealed, the doctor – if your levels are high, will recommend a program of treatment.

It is recommended that you get tested for cholesterol if you are relatively inactive or overweight. Men should be tested after 45 and women after 55. Children should also be tested when they are between 9 and 11 years old.


Your treatment program may include medication, which will take some experimentation to get the medication levels right. Most likely, the focus of treatment will be on making some lifestyle changes. These will include tips on eating to reduce your intake of the bad kind of cholesterol, losing weight, and developing a regular exercise program. Quitting smoking is very important because it will lower your HDL levels.

When you are looking for a cholesterol testing office 11204, Dr. Abdul Malik has two offices in Brooklyn, NY. He has been practicing Cardiology for over 24 years and has taught young doctors in several hospitals in the fields of Cardiology and Internal Medicine. He is known as a friendly and compassionate doctor, and this has earned him the title of the Consumer’s Choice Award for Top Doctors.


Cholesterol Testing Office 11204

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