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If you have been told you have high cholesterol levels in your blood, or if you wonder if you do, you can find a top cholesterol doctor 11210 near you. Having higher then recommended cholesterol levels can lead to serious problems. Taking steps to control those levels can lead to better health and possibly even longer life.

Two Kinds of Cholesterol

There are two kinds of cholesterol that are circulating around in your bloodstream. It is necessary that you have both types because it enables your body to build cells that are healthy. The problem comes when there is too much cholesterol in the blood.

The one type of cholesterol, called LDL for short, is the bad type. It can accumulate on the walls of your blood vessels. The other kind is called HDL, and it is considered the good kind. It helps reduce the amount of LDL in your blood stream.

Why High Cholesterol Levels Are Bad

Both types of cholesterol are manufactured by your body in the liver. More of it is produced when you eat meat, which also contains cholesterol. This can cause an excess of both bad and good cholesterol.

As the bad cholesterol accumulates on the walls of your blood vessels and arteries, the amount of blood that can flow through them is reduced. Eventually they may become totally blocked, or at least restrict the flow enough to cause serious problems.

When the blood vessel becomes blocked, called atherosclerosis, sudden health problems may develop. The person may experience a heart attack, or a stroke. It could be fatal.

The Risk Factors

Several risk factors may lead to having high cholesterol levels. If you have a body mass of 30 or higher, or if you are a male with a waist 40 inches or larger, or a woman with a waist 30 inches or larger, you are at risk. Other factors include having diabetes, a poor diet, smoking, and do not get enough exercise.

When to See a Cholesterol Doctor 11210

There are no symptoms of having high cholesterol levels. Anyone can have high blood cholesterol levels. It is more prevalent in people over 35, but young people who have the risk factors should start being screened at 18. Men should begin getting screened at 35, and women at 45.

Cholesterol Prevention

Once high cholesterol levels are diagnosed, steps can be taken to lower them to healthy levels. In some cases it may require medication, and lifestyle changes will also be recommended. Foods with a lot of fat in them, such as baked goods and meat, should be reduced, as well as foods with a lot of salt. An exercise program should be started to lose weight, and you should stop smoking and drinking alcohol, if you use them.

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